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NICU Transport Services

TA team effort is essential to provide the best care for critically ill newborns and this starts with the initial health care provider. When faced with a critically ill newborn, it is necessary to have a medically comprehensive and efficient method of transferring the baby to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The neonatal transport service of Bachcha Hospital is the first of its kind providing the safest transport service in the state of Bihar. Bachcha Hospital has transported several newborns and children from long distance with the utmost care and monitoring. Our ambulance service is uniquely equipped with multi-parameter monitors, syringe pumps, syringe drivers, ventilator, and a comprehensive array of monitoring and ventilator support systems to meet the needs of the critical infant.

Neonatal transport system staff provides specialised and expert care for ill neonates beginning with arrival and continuing through transport and admission to NICU whatever the duration of transport. Accompanied by critical care physicians and a neonatal nurse attendant during the journey, the child is benefited from the expertise of the team in all subspecialties that care for newborns.